Custom Painting, Flames, Murals, Race Car Graphics

About the Artist    

Since 1972 Keni’s been working his magic on all kinds of vehicles from Custom Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Choppers and Custom Vans. His passion for custom painting started very early in his life and has grown into a custom painting business that he is proud to put his name on. He can design you a unique custom paint scheme, do you an illustration of what it will look like so you can see your cool custom paint job before it is started and then execute the finish paint job to an award winning finish.

Keni started his custom painting career doing custom paint jobs on chopper tanks in his bedroom in his families home. Soon finding out that that was not the proper place he quickly moved on to friends garages and body shops. He eventually ended up in a custom paint shop where he worked his magic on a variety of custom vans, show cars, race cars and choppers. From there he started his own shop (Creative Customs, Inc.) which due to the economy at that time did not survive. He went on to doing custom painting as a traveling freelancer working in various shops across the country. While doing so he also spent two years studying graphic design and commercial art at Central Academy of Commercial Art in Cincinnati, Ohio. From there he worked in the advertising industry as an airbrush illustrator/graphic designer for several years while also doing his custom paint work around the Indianapolis area and surrounding states. Today he works out of his shop as well as travels to customers shops to paint.

At Keni’s Custom Colors we want to turn your dreams into a reality. We take pride in being a complete custom painting company. We are willing to take on any custom painting project that comes our way. Keni’s 39 years of hands on expertise in designing, airbrush work, graphic design, flames, murals and custom lettering makes us your one stop shop for all your custom painting needs.

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